A Is For… Authority

leaderWhen we look for reliable information on a particular topic, we turn to those that are knowledgeable in that area. For example, when we want a website designed we call on a professional and experienced designer; when we need the toilet fixed, we ask a plumber. Running an online business or website means becoming the authority that people turn to when they need the help, or service, that you offer. What’s more, Google’s Matt Cutts has previously said that Google’s aim is to promote those sites and people that are considered an authority.

Your website itself will help determine how much of an authority you are considered. Plenty of high quality content that garners readers with accurate and extensive information will be smiled upon by Google and by visitors. It will be shared on social sites more frequently, and other sites and bloggers will link to it on a more regular basis. This helps to promote your site in the search engines, on social media, and through referrals.

Offsite content should also be considered part of your journey towards authority status. Guest blogs, social media posts, and articles will be read and can become a seed that plants your knowledge in the minds of many web users. By incorporating Google Authorship markup into your own content, and the content that you post elsewhere, you can further improve the perceived authority of your website.

Personal authority is also important. Google Authorship markup enables you to be able to claim pieces of work, and let the search engine know that you are responsible for any work that you publish. The more of this work that becomes popular, as measured by social indicators, the greater your perceived authority becomes, and the greater the rewards you will reap as a result.

There are many ways that you can build authority. Social media marketing, posting relevant and informative responses to other blogs, and even a modern equivalent to article marketing can all prove beneficial. However, we believe that guest blogging as part of a content marketing strategy is one of the most beneficial ways of developing links, creating a buzz, and ensuring that your potential leads see you as a genuine authority within your given field.

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