Google+ Continues Adding Updates With Giant, Facebook Style Thumbnails

Google+ New FeaturesGoogle+ has continued its recent spree of making changes and additions to its services, in a bid to try and take Facebook and Twitter head on. The latest change sees users now able to add giant thumbnails; a move that will make most people think of Facebook. Other recent changes have allowed for greater photo editing features. These changes were brought thanks to Google’s acquisition of the Snapseed app and while they may not yet rival professional photo editing software, further improvements could eventually prove ominous for the likes of Adobe.

Facebook has long ruled the social network roost with Twitter running in second place. Even though Google+ has amassed a large number of registered users, it is difficult to take the actual numbers seriously because the search engine requires a single sign up to use the multiple online Google services. Sign up a YouTube account and you will be registered as a Plus user. If you use Docs then you too are a registered Google+ member.

However, the site does have some useful features. Hangouts do offer unique benefits, albeit for a limited number of people and companies, but where Facebook may start to get a little concerned is in the image sharing realm.

Facebook, and Mark Zuckerberg, especially love the photo sharing element of their service. They want to be the biggest repository of people’s images in the world, and while they certainly offer the opportunity to upload pictures and even to sort them into albums, you need to start delving into the world of apps before you can do anything that useful with them – the recent lookback Timeline movies are the obvious exception, because the results for these can prove impressive.

Google purchased photo editing app Snapseed in 2012, and the search giant had been relatively quiet about how exactly they would integrate the app services into their own offerings, although it should have been fairly obvious that it was going to be a Google+ thing. Users can now upload images, crop, rotate, and resize them.

Facebook and Adobe should be at least a little worried because Google isn’t afraid to offer services for free that other companies charge for. Red eye removal, filter settings, and advanced photo editing on Google+ may only be around the corner and would almost certainly prove a hit with users and a draw for those that have yet to commit to the Google_ cause.

The most recent change, although only a relatively small change, takes another swipe at Facebook’s dominance. Users can now add thumbnails to links that are much larger, and therefore stand out more prominently. Link addresses can also be bolded. In truth, most people will recognise the changes as being extremely similar to the look and design on Facebook.

  • Could 2014 be the year that Google+ really makes some ground?
  • Will you convert to the Google owned social network in order to enjoy more advanced photo editing?

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