Twitter To Offer Better-Organised Timelines?

Twitter "Fave People" FeatureTwitter is testing a new feature, called Fave People, in an experimental app. The feature will enable mobile users to be able to select their favourite Twitter people and have a dedicated timeline view that displays posts only from that group. The feature is being tested using the alpha app for Android, which Twitter uses to trial early releases of new features before sending them for beta testing and eventually releasing them to the wider public.

One of the problems with using Twitter is that, if you follow hundreds or thousands of people, you end up with a timeline that is essentially useless. Some of the most prolific Tweeters can post numerous messages every hour, so if a user only logs on once or twice a day, they tend to be met with a barrage of inane rambling, spammy tweets, and details of what people had for tea. The Fave People timeline could be about to change that.

Fave People is currently only available as part of the alpha app for Android. Features in this app may never see the light of day and it really depends on feedback and success of the new timeline view. If it proves successful during alpha, it will be released for beta testing, and if it enjoys success here then it will be released as a general app feature.

Currently, alpha users are able to swipe across from their general timeline view to see the Tweets that should interest them the most. From the Face People section, users can click the favourite star next to a person, in a similar fashion to the way that users would favourite a specific post. This adds that person to the Fave People list, and their posts will start being displayed in this tab. Only updates from Fave People will appear in the list, so it can be reserved for the select few that post relevant and informative updates.

There is another useful feature included with Fave People too. Users will be able to choose to receive notifications whenever a favourite person Tweets an update.

There is no guarantee that the Fave People feature will make it to the main service. Alpha tests are often dropped with only the most successful making it through. However, considering the ludicrous number of updates that a lot of people have to sift through to get to anything useful, it could be considered a genuinely useful addition to the Twitter app.

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