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It can prove a wearisome trudge, trying to find new, relevant, and interesting content for your blog or website. Some days, the words never seem to stop flowing, while other days you can’t even find a reasonably relevant topic. Fortunately, you are sat right in front of what is, by far, the biggest repository of information in the world, and you can use it to help you create the best, the most informative, and the most popular content.

We’re talking, of course, about the Internet, but the sheer size and magnitude of the web means that even that can cause an inspiration block. So, Branding Media will be providing you with details of some of the sites and services that we use in order to help bring us inspiration.

Today’s inspiration is is a social search engine and trending service. It provides details of the latest tweets, trending topics, and more regarding the keyword or topic that you choose. It is one of our favourite sources of content inspiration.

Topsy Home


Starting Out With Topsy

Simply enter a keyword or favourite search term into the Search box and hit Enter to get the following results:


Topsy Main



From the top 3 results alone, we have a potential news story regarding our keyword “content strategy” and citing a major industry name Marissa Mayer. There’s also a useful piece on Facebook content strategy that could give inspiration, and the top piece regarding answering questions is another excellent resource, not entirely coincidentally, on answering questions (tip – use the same keyword on sites like Yahoo Answers and Quora).

Other Options

From the main results page you can choose to view content from the past hour, day, week, month, or from all time. You can also click to view links, tweets, and even the main influencers concerned with your keyword. If you aren’t already, then you should consider following some of those that are listed as influencers. They have a major following and are the people that are most often mentioned when talking about the topic that you are searching for. They, themselves, will provide you with a lot of inspiration for new content, and if you can engage with one or two of these people then you will be able to really boost your social media performance.

Social Trends

The social trends tab is also a useful place to visit. While it often contains tweets and information that are similar to the main page, it’s only a click away and you may well find other, more beneficial sources for your content.

Social Analytics


Topsy Analytics


For the number lovers and trend followers, the Social Analytics tab will give hours of wasted time. You can add up to three keywords, and Topsy will display a useful little line graph that compares the number of Tweets per day for those terms over the past month or so. It may not provide you with your next blog post, but it can give you insight into which keywords you should be starting from.

  • Do you use Topsy to look for topics?
  • What sites and services do you use to gain inspiration?


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