What Is Content Strategy?

Content Strategy DefinitionContent strategy is the planning, creation, and management of all forms of content throughout its lifecycle. Strategy deals with research and planning, creating and curating, publishing, marketing, measurement, and optimisation of your content.

  • Planning – Content analyses, competitor analyses, and asset analyses are used to determine the types of content you will use, who will create them, where you will get the information, and how you will publish them to really benefit from your efforts.
  • Creating – You may undertake the creation of content yourself. Alternatively, you can use those within your organisation to assist in this stage, or you can curate content from other legitimate sources. Typically, a combination of these is used to ensure that you fill all content gaps and opportunities.
  • Publishing – Content strategy not only deals with the content that you post on your own website and blog, but on social networks, media sharing websites, and any blogs and sites where you have a regular publishing slot.
  • Marketing – Once the content is created and published, you will need to market it effectively using myriad platforms. Content marketing is not product marketing, and you will need to market the content itself, rather than the product or service that you sell. High quality content is vital to ensure success at this stage.
  • Measuring – Web analytics, social media measuring, and other metrics will help you to identify the content that sells well, and the content that provides little or no direct return. Not only does measurement enable you to bask in glory or wallow in failure, but it will help drive your future content strategy.
  • Improving – Using these metrics, you should fine tune, or apply sweeping, wholesale changes to your strategy (depending on the results, of course). Optimisation is a vital step in any marketing campaign, and you wouldn’t ignore it in PPC or email marketing, so don’t ignore it in content strategy. Determine what works and what doesn’t, and then apply these findings to your strategy.

Content strategy can prove a highly effective means of helping market your business and develop your status as a leading authority in a particular topic, but it needs to be done well. Contact Branding Media to discuss your strategy, see how we can help you become an authority in your field, or simply to try us out.

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