What Are Some Examples Of Native Advertising Platforms?

facebookNative ads are those ads that are displayed on a publisher’s website, and that have the same voice, form, style, and content type as the website itself. In virtually all ways, the content appears as though it was written by, or produced by, the people responsible for publishing the website. Some sites choose to label native ads with labels such as “sponsored content”, but not all do – one notable exception is that of the Huffington Post; it can be very difficult to discern between publisher content and native content.

News Sites

The Huffington Post isn’t the only news site that offers a native ad platform. The Washington Post and New York Times, CNN, and even the Guardian, are just a select list of news sites that offer this type of campaign.

Social Media Sites

Social media sites are also pushing their native ad systems as a means to try and monetise their traffic. All of Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, as well as YouTube, Pinterest, and Instagram offer varieties of native advertising.

Blogs And Websites

There are undoubtedly millions of privately owned websites, as well as many other media sites, that offer sponsored content and sponsored posts. Guest blogging can be considered a form of native advertising, even though money does not usually change hands. Where an editorial charge is levied, then this steps even further into the native light.

Ubiquitous Native Ads

Native advertising platforms are everywhere around us. They’re on the news sites that we read, the social networks where we read updates from friends and colleagues, it’s even on the sites where we chuckle at hilarious cat videos.

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