Is Google Adwords A Form Of Native Advertising?

AdwordsIt’s easy to think of native advertising as being a new phenomenon, because of the amount of buzz that it has generated over the past few months. However, the truth is that native ads have been around for a considerable time, and they are not even new when it comes to online advertising.

Blended Ads

By its very definition, native advertising is the use of adverts that blend into the content, the form, and the design of a website. The Google Adsense ad block that appears at the top of search engine results pages can, therefore, should be considered a form of native advertising. While there is greater room for debate over the ad blocks at the side of the search results pages, these still mimic the look of the search results and have a similar form to the organic results that are displayed on the page.

Clearly Labelled

A common misconception regarding native advertising is that the ads are entirely disguised as being a part of the content of the publishing site, but this isn’t true. In fact, some of the best and most effective forms of native advertising use very clear labels, including Google’s Adwords campaigns.

Other Native Ad Platforms

Other popular forms of native ad include Twitter and Facebook’s sponsored posts, stories, and tweets. Buzzfeed is a well known and successful native advertising platform, and there are many, many individual sites, media sites, and social network sites that offer native ad opportunities. Google Adwords should be placed among this list too.

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