Are There Any Native Ad Marketplaces?

marketA native ad marketplace is a site or service that doesn’t directly publish your content on their own site, but that has a portfolio or network of websites that they work with. They work in a similar way to a media buyer, used by a company to find the best TV, radio, or paper and magazine media slot for an ad that has already been created. A native advertising marketplace, however, buys media placement on websites instead. Some will even create the media on your behalf, helping to ensure that your placement is accepted and your content published.

Commonplace Marketplace

Although there are still a lot of publishers that haven’t really heard of native advertising, and even more that do not fully understand what it is, the fact that such a massive number of huge websites offer native advertising means that ad marketplaces are also commonplace.

Branding Media Native Advertising Services

At Branding Media, we can write high quality content that fits the form and voice of the site that we want to publish on, and we can negotiate with site owners and blog owners to achieve the best placement at the best price possible. Contact us for more details on our native advertising service. If you’re already invested in an existing native marketplace, then we can provide you with high quality and appealing content.

Other Native Advertising Marketplaces

If you want to look at details of other native marketplaces, although we really don’t know why you would, then here is a list of some of the more active and popular:

Your Own Ideas

We’re positive there are many other high quality marketplaces, so do feel free to let us know if we have missed one out, or if you feel that your own site should be listed here.

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