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Use Your Analytics Package As Content Inspiration


There are many great sources of content inspiration for your blog or website. Sites like and can provide details of the topics that your target market want to read about, while Google News offers insight into the latest news stories related to virtually any industry, topic, or keyword. However, before you start trawling the Internet, you should look closer to home. Your own analytics, and your actual market (rather than your target market) can provide some exceptional ideas and inspiration.

Popular Pages

Look at your most popular pages, consider how people discovered them, and then try to find a correlation between the content that performs best. Whether you are using content to attract new visitors or to keep visitors on your website for longer, knowing which of your pages are considered to be the best will help you to achieve these goals.

Keep a list of the pages, or posts, that give you a spike in traffic volume. Look for similarities between titles and content types, the time that you publish, and even factors like content length, where links to the pages appear, and whether those pages are attracting new visitors or those that arrive through different pages of your site.

Keyword Terms

Sites like Google Analytics and even WordPress Jetpack Stats offer a wealth of information on how people arrive on your site. You can view the links that drive the most traffic, as well as the keywords that have driven the most clicks from search engines.

Unfortunately, online privacy terms do mean that the majority of keywords will remain hidden, but you can still use the keywords that are provided to help you create new content. If you can follow a path that has led to popular content before, then you should be able to replicate its success.

Don’t Ignore The Longtail

Finding the keywords that drive the most traffic volume can give you access to your high impact keywords, but don’t overlook the potential power of longtail keywords. Like most people, you have probably read that you can’t optimise for the longtail of search. However, by grouping together related keywords that have generated a decent amount of combined traffic, you can create new pages using these keywords as a base. This will usually give light to further longtail keyword examples so that you can enjoy more of this targeted traffic.

Content Type

Look at the type of content that is generating the most interest, driving the most traffic, and giving you the best conversion rates. Good analytics and metrics packages will enable you to see whether your best performing content is text, inforgraphics, image galleries, or videos. Using this information you can further plan your content strategy and look for appropriate forms of content inspiration. If videos perform best, use Google Video Search or YouTube to search for popular keywords in your industry.

Popular Off-Site Content

The content on the pages of your own website is only the beginning. An effective content strategy will incorporate social media, social sharing, and other types of content site, and most of these types of site will provide you with analytics or data about who has visited, commented, and otherwise engaged with content the most. Again, you can compare the top performing content to determine which titles, which topics, keywords, and content types are giving you the best results.

Using Your Analytics

In an ideal world, your website operates in an industry that has a multitude of content opportunities that arise every single day, and you will be well practiced at creating high quality content that everybody loves. Realistically, though, not all niches provide this level of content opportunity and it can be difficult decide exactly what to create content on even in a popular industry. Using your analytics package you can determine the most popular keywords, content type, title structures, and more to create one of the most powerful content strategies possible for your site.

Of course, if you still can’t find inspiration, or you need a helping hand with your content strategy, then Branding Media can research your topic, conduct competitor analysis, and complete a content gap analysis. We can produce high quality content that will draw traffic, encourage engagement, and convert visitors to customers. Contact us today to find out more.

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