Americans Hate Facebook

frownyIt may have more than a billion members around the world, and many people may struggle to survive without its use, but according to the latest American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI), Facebook is the most hated of all social media sites; social media itself ranks as the fourth most hated of all industries. The respective success, or failure, of each of these sites is determined by a number of factors, but the group behind ACSI predict that the prevalence of advertising and ease of use are among the most important factors.

Social media and social networking usage is higher than ever, and while some sites come and go, there is a select few that seem to hang around. Facebook has, by far, the largest number of users while Twitter fares well, along with YouTube, LinkedIn, and Google+.

While social networking websites were predominantly set up in order that people could keep in contact with one another, they have developed and evolved. Facebook not only allows the sharing of status updates, but it enables users to be able to share any content or information they find online. It is also home to millions of apps and games. Twitter no longer only accepts text based Tweets, but enables the sharing of photos and even video.

However, despite the fact that so many people use these sites for several hours a day, every day, they remain the bane in many peoples’ lives. Social media was the fourth worst performing site in the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) scoring just 71 out of 100. Internet Service Providers scored 63 making them the least popular, cable and subscription services scored 65 and airlines scored 69.

The regular use of these sites means that a slight problem, such as an inability to logon can seem massive to users though. What’s more, continued privacy and security issues have also counted against social media sites in the past.

Of the sites included in the social media section, Facebook and LinkedIn both scored the lowest score of 67. Twitter got a relatively low 69, with Google+ and YouTube scoring 71 and 73 respectively. Wikipedia scored 74 and the best of a bad bunch was the new favourite Pinterest, which scored a more respectable 76.

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