Google Top Of The User Satisfaction List

smileyGoogle has come out on top of the Annual Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) ahead of any other search engine for US customers. Apart from one year, Google has topped the list ever since the year 2000. All Others came second in the list, achieving an overall score of 77 compared to Google’s 83 rating. Bing and MSN tied for third with a score of 73 followed by Yahoo on 71 and AOL on 70. Of the major search engines, Google was the only one to make any gains when compared to the previous year.

The search engines have enjoyed mixed results between them, on all fronts. Google not only remains at the top of the search engine market share list, but it has made a success of launching its own phones tablets, operating systems, and more. Yahoo, on the other hand, has undergone a significant spending spree under the guidance of CEO Marissa Mayer and looks to be heading in the direction of mobile social portal.

The ACSI, or Annual Customer Satisfaction Index, is a US based index that tracks the customer satisfaction ratings of users of many businesses in many industries. Search engines come under the topic of e-business and Google is not only the most popularly used search engine, but the one that stands out as offering the best customer satisfaction.

Interestingly, Bing still comes some way ahead of Yahoo, despite the former largely taking over running the Yahoo search engine results. Furthermore, Yahoo has suffered its third decline in a row, now ranking behind MSN as well.

Criteria for the Index includes site performance, freshness of content, and the variety of services and information that are available to the user. Ease of use, speed of results, and the number of ads on the page were also considered.

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