App Marketing Costs Continue To Rise

Cost Per Loyal User Has Increased For Mobile App Marketing According To Study By Fiksu

AppStoreAn app marketing company in Boston, Fiksu, has said that the cost of app marketing has soared and is likely to continue to do so. The company has analysed the cost of using apps to attract loyal followers, and has published its Cost Per Loyal User Index figures, which show that the average loyal follower cost $2.23 in June of this year, representing the peak value.

Most companies and individuals are aware that app marketing can be expensive. The app itself needs to be developed, it needs to be submitted to app stores, and it needs to be marketed in its own right in order to enjoy downloads and use. The corporate website that the app is attached to should also be optimised to ensure the best possible results from those that use the app, assuming that the cost of download isn’t the solitary goal of a developed app.

The Benefits Of Mobile App Marketing

However, many marketers are willing to take on the cost of mobile app marketing because of the potential that it offers.

  • Smartphones are everywhere, and people are increasingly inclined to use their phone more frequently than they use their laptop or desktop computer.
  • A popular app can also go viral, and if you can ensure that yours is near the top of the most popular apps, this will naturally reduce the cost per user that you have to pay for your campaign.
  • A good app will enjoy regular use, which means increased exposure to your brand and your business.

Increase App Popularity, Reduce App Marketing Costs

According to the data from Fiksu there is a direct correlation between the popularity of an app and the cost per loyal user. The higher the rank of an app in the Apple app store, for example, the lower the cost per user falls. This means that aiming for quality and popularity is important, and this inevitably puts greater onus on paying more for a better quality app. Initially, this might push the price of app marketing up, but it should lead to lower costs in the future.

Stand Out From The Ever-Growing Crowd

One of the problems, and one of the reasons for the increase in cost, is that of standing out. New apps are released and added to app stores every single day, and this means that it is becoming increasingly difficult to create an app that really stands out from the crowd. It takes greater investment than ever before in order to achieve similar results, hence the increase in price.

App Revenue Growth

Mobile app revenue is also growing, and this is another reason that the cost per user is increasing. If you’re not giving an app away, and you expect downloaders to pay to install your app, then you have to provide the best possible quality. For many smartphone users, even a couple of pounds means that they expect the world.

Make The Most Of Your Mobile Marketing

Mobile app marketing certainly has its benefits, and it can be used to greatly increase brand exposure, to generate revenue, and to create a loyal following of app users. However, it needs to be done well and this means greater investment than ever before. As a result, and because of the burgeoning app marketplaces, the cost of this marketing technique has improved, and Fiksu believes that the increase will continue for some time yet.

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