Domain To Sell For £20m+ Domain Could Become Most Expensive Domain Ever

holidayOne of the most highly sought after domain names is coming up for auction, with expected to raise over £20m when some of the world’s leading travel companies get together at the World Travel Market on November 5th in London.

The domain has been used sparingly for the past 16 years, although it is believed that the US company that owns it has turned down multiple seven figure offers to purchase it. The number of companies that will be present, the relevance and importance of the domain, and the potential cost that will be incurred by those that don’t buy the domain are cited as reasons that it stands to become the most expensive domain ever sold.

The domain is likely to sell to one of the leading holiday companies, but intrigue is being piqued by the fact that it is believed that it will represent the largest coming together of business leaders from a single industry to bid on a single domain.

Just The Domain

There are many factors to consider when buying an aged domain, including the authority that it carries.

According to Open Site Explorer, has 19 links from 10 domains. However, considering the coverage that the £20m price tag and eventual sale brings, it is fair to assume that there will be links from some highly authoritative sites in the near future.

There is currently no content, either, but a look at the Wayback Machine shows that content has been published in fits and starts over the years.

Memorable And Highly Relevant

However, it is not the authority of the site, or the authority of the links that will potentially point to the site that gives its astronomical price tag. It is, primarily, branding and marketability.

The keyword “holiday” is highly generic, and as such, few people will use it on its own. Most people will search for related phrases that include the word “holiday”. Even so, according to the SEOBook keyword tool, there are 59,000 searches per month conducted for the one word alone.

The relevance of the domain name, and how easily it can be branded and marketed, will undoubtedly prove to be a huge draw to many buyers, but they will have to have deep pockets.

Previous Domain Sales

Unbelievably, will have to tip the £21m mark in order to make it the most expensive domain name purchase ever. sold for a reported £21m in 2010, while raised roughly the same amount. could only muster a sale price of £18m when sold in 2012.

The Sale

According to Breathe Luxury, who are in charge of the sale, the company that owns it has refused a number of big money sales, and instead opted to put it up for auction. The auction will take place in London on November 5th at the Excel building, which is hosting the World Travel Market.

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