Businesses To Increase Digital Marketing Budgets In 2015

Digital Marketing Becoming Increasingly Important To Business

Marketing Budgets To IncreaseResearch conducted by Gartner shows that firms are set to increase their digital marketing budgets by around 17% during 2015, as they look to benefit from mobile marketing, native advertising, and other forms of online marketing. Currently, digital accounts for approximately one quarter of total marketing expenditure, but the firms questioned by Gartner indicate that they are looking to take more of their marketing online.

The research also suggested that it is less digital marketing and more marketing in a digital world, with more and more people conducting a greater range of daily tasks on the Internet and on digital devices. Other research, this time conducted xAd and Telmetrics, suggests that it will be money well spent, as UK consumers, at least, are 76% more likely to trust ads that they see on mobile devices, and these ads are being increasingly viewed as being helpful and informative.

Native Advertising

Although native advertising has had its critics, it seems that sponsored content could be enjoying its day, although greater awareness of this form of digital marketing from consumers and businesses may also have helped to increase trust and a perception of reliability.

Native advertising has been criticised as being dishonest and misleading by some quarters, but when done well, it can generate excellent returns on marketing investment and drive large numbers of visitors to a website. Furthermore, websites that offer native advertising are more likely to mark the content as sponsored or as a form of advertising, which has presumably increased the trust placed in this content by consumers.

Gartner Research

Gartner said that customer experience is the driving force behind this increased spend. This accounts for the highest marketing technology spend, and the research and analytics company also said that the line between digital and traditional marketing continues to blur.

For the marketer, website owner, or business manager, this means placing greater emphasis on a marketing mix or a universal marketing campaign. Universal marketing means that marketing across different channels are not treated independently, but as a single marketing entity. This offers greater continuity and brand awareness, and it matches the way that people now use devices like mobile phones – the TV, for example, has become the second screen for many people; supporting mobile and digital content, rather than the other way around.

Your Universal Marketing Mix

It has seemingly taken mobile marketing and the mobile Internet to really cement digital marketing at the very forefront of marketing campaigns for businesses, but now it’s here, those companies that have a solid, unified, and powerful universal marketing mix are those that are most likely to succeed in the long run.

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