Google The Second Most Valuable Brand But Facebook Makes Greatest Gains

Apple Most Valuable BrandIs The Apple Brand Really Responsible For 20% Of Company Value?

The Best Global Brands annual report has launched, showing that Apple holds the most valuable brand, worth an estimated $119bn and having seen a 21% increase from last year. Rivals Google remain in 2nd place, having seen their own brand value rise by approximately 15%.

However, the biggest gains were made by Facebook, and although the social media giant may have a user base of nearly 1.5 billion people, it is still only 29th in the chart. Zuckerberg’s company, however, did see the value of their brand rise by a staggering 86%.

There is no definitive way to value a brand, but Interbrand, who are responsible for putting the league table together, say that it takes into account everything from the value of the company to “brand strength analysis”.

Apple’s Rise

Apple only made it into the top ten of the charts three years ago, but the rise in popularity of mobile devices, as well as the release of new products and services that receive largely positive reviews means that they rose to the top of the charts last year, and have further cemented their position at the top this year.

Google’s Fractured Brand

One of the potential problems for Google is that they now spread into many different markets and sectors, and while we associate the brand Apple with everything from phones to iTunes, there are those that consider the likes of Android as a separate brand to that of Google.

Is A Brand Really Worth That Much?

Apple has a stock market valuation of just less than $600bn, which means that their brand accounts for approximately 20% of the company’s worth, if you believe these figures. This shows just how important good branding is to a company, and this not only includes the logo, which can be as simple as an apple with a bite taken out of it, but many other aspects of a business’ efforts.

Disney Achieve The Seemingly Unachievable

Although Google and Apple may be direct competitors in a number of markets, primarily in mobile phone hardware and software, they have just agreed an unusual deal that will see them sharing the rights to digital content. Disney has managed to broker a deal between the companies, which means that when a person buys Disney content, they will be allowed to watch it on any of their devices. Previously, buying any film on one platform meant being tied to one company or the other. Buy a film on Google Play, and you would not be able to download it via iTunes, but that will no longer be the case.

Disney, like many Hollywood studios, have argued that a situation where buyers are limited to the devices that they can watch their products on, means that they have less reason to buy digital copies. A DVD can be played on a player made by any manufacturer, and the likes of Disney argue that this should be similar for digital copies too.

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