PewDiePie One Of The Most Influential Internet Stars

YouTubePewDiePie Earnings Continue To Show That You Really Can Make Money Playing Video Games… If You’re Lucky

PewDiePie and Anita Sarkeesian have joined the likes of Barrack Obama and Justin Bieber in the list of the most influential people on the Internet, according to the most recent Time list of influential Internet stars. Time has said that the influence and increased use of social media channels means that the playing field has been levelled, allowing the likes of Swedish gamer and YouTube star Felix Kjellberg to become a household name.

Despite being at the very top of the most popular YouTube users for much of 2014, PewDiePie has seen his ranking drop to third over recent months. However, it is unlikely that he will be complaining too much. Kjellberg received more than 400m views in January 2015 alone, which is a substantial increase on the 250m views that he received during the same month last year.

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PewDiePie Earnings

SocialBlade, which takes a pretty good stab at estimating viewer numbers and subsequent earnings for YouTube stars, estimates monthly earnings between £40,000 and £500,000 meaning annual earnings of up to £6.5m. While that’s a very broad range to work from, we suspect that PewDiePie earnings tend towards the top end of this scale. CelebrityNetWorth estimates Kjellberg’s worth to be around $12m, equivalent to £8m.

You really can make money playing video games.

Felix Kjellberg

Like Stampy (How Does Stampy Make His Money On YouTube?), PewDiePie’s popularity has come from posting gaming clips to his YouTube channel, which is becoming an increasingly well-worn path for those that want to break into Internet stardom. PewDiePie moved from homeland Sweden to the UK, in order to benefit from a faster Internet connection, and as well as posting videos of himself playing a range of video games, he has almost single-handedly helped launch some Indie games to greatness while also persuading his army of followers to raise masses of money for charity drives.

At The Top

FunToys Collector has taken the top spot from PewDiePie as the most popular channel, and it has retained its position for the last few months. The channel shows videos of adults unboxing what some might consider to be children’s toys, and others consider to be future collectables.

Industry site TubeFilter has released figures showing that the top 100 most popular YouTube channels received a combined total of nearly 15bn views in January 2015, which represents more than a 100% increase from the 7bn views the top 100 channels received in January 2014.

The Younger Generation

An increase in the number of devices that offer access to Internet TV services like YouTube has certainly helped ensure that the site’s top channels not only continue to survive, but that they flourish, while a growing number of children with access to the Internet is also evident among the top 100 channels list. The likes of LittleBabyBum and MashamedvedTV shows just how popular YouTube is with younger fans, and with parents looking for suitable content for their kids.

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