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Guest Blogging SitesHow To Find Guest Blogging Sites

We all have our favourites, as well as those we tend to avoid, but using a mix of these methods of finding the best guest blogging opportunities will enable you to find more sites to publish on, and ensure a diverse range of links and traffic sources for your site.

Whatever method you use to source guest posting opportunities, you should assess their value and the potential benefits that publishing a post will bring. Simply publishing on every site will take a lot of time. It will also lead to poor returns on investment and finding fresh guest blog inspiration will become increasingly difficult. Concentrating more of your time on a handful of high quality and highly targeted sites means working smarter and reaping the benefits.

Google Searches

Many of us start our online journey on search engines, and so it seems fitting that Google is where we start our list too. Google is arguably the best way to find a large list of guest blogging sites. Rather than finding and approaching a single site at a time, set a spreadsheet up and get a list together, including information like DA (What Is DA?) and PA (What Is PA?) and site topic, the main URL of the blog, and the guest post guidelines pages.

There are potentially hundreds of searches you can conduct, for each of your topics, industries, and keywords.

Some of the most popular and productive searches are:

Keyword + “guest post by”

This brings up sites that have previously published guest posts by other authors. They don’t necessarily have guest post guidelines, or even advertise the fact that they accept guest submissions. It may take some more work to connect with the site owners, and there will be those that approach the guest authors they want, rather than authors contacting them. However, this does mean that the sites in question will not have been approached as often as those with guest submission guidelines.

Click The Tools button in Google’s search results and search for results posted within the past month or the past three months. This will limit results to those that still actively encourage and publish posts.

Google Guest Post SearchKeyword + “submit guest posts”
Keyword + ”submit guest post”

These two searches will bring up page upon page of websites that do specifically advertise the fact that they are looking for guest authors. This will be one of the most productive searches, but the sites that appear at the top of the list, especially those in very popular industries, will have been approached and pitched regularly. You will have to come up with something special in order to get your piece published.

Using the time operand when searching these keywords is not a good idea. Most sites will have published their guest guidelines years ago, and you will be missing out on some of the highest authority sites by only searching for those published within the past few months.

Keyword + “write for us”

This is our favourite Google search that yields great results when you use the main industry or topic keyword for your website. It not only brings up websites that are looking for you to submit your work directly to them, but it will bring up sites that encourage guest authors to register for a publishing account. Once you have an account, you can post as regularly as you want, although every piece should still go through an editorial process.

If you do consider publishing a second piece on any guest post site, don’t do it solely for the link. The second link that you get from a domain will be devalued compared to the first. The third will offer even less benefit, and so on. If, however, a piece generates direct traffic, gets a lot of social shares, or enjoys any kind of activity, it is worth considering consolidating your position on that site with a second and subsequent guest posts.

This is just a very small number of a large list of potential searches that will produce guest posting opportunities. The three above are our favourites that we will use as part of our guest blogging service to populate a large list of guest blogging sites. If you have MOZ bar installed, you can check the Domain Authority of sites in order to start whittling down the list. If you don’t have MOZ bar installed, we suggest you do that before you embark on guest blogging.

If you want more ideas, look at these posts for more inspiration:

3 Smart Google Search Tips To Find Guest Post Opportunities – it’s a few years old but the search techniques still work very well.

Best Guest Blogging Sites Lists

We head back to Google for our second technique. Rather than searching for sites individually, it is worth bearing in mind that websites, blogs, and writers have probably already done this work for you in the past.

Search Google using:

“Best” keyword “guest blogging sites”
Or a more generic search like:
“Best guest blogging sites”

Both techniques will provide you with links to pages, like this one, that have anywhere from a small handful of sites to several hundred. Curate these lists, add them to the spreadsheet you started above, and keep going.

This is another good opportunity to use the Time tool in Google search. If you use lists that are two or three years old, then many of the sites will have changed. Some will no longer be accepting guest post submissions. Some will no longer be active. The older the list, the more likely you will have to cleanse the list before you can start to use the sites on it.

Google Guest Blogging SearchBy building a large list in this way, you will be able to work from that list for months to come.

Leverage Existing Connections

Contact all of your business partners, suppliers, and even some of your biggest clients and customers. Ask them if they would be willing to accept some high quality content in exchange for exposure for your website or your products or services.

You will be surprised at how many site owners will be keen to get your authoritative opinion on something. They will be even more likely to accept the content if you intend to share the piece socially once completed.

Check your Gmail contact book, your Outlook list, and your rolodex of business cards. Much of the outreach work has already been done with your personal contacts, and naturally, and if an individual has a working relationship with you, they will know the standard of your work and the level of your expertise.

Ask Your Social Media Followers

Similarly, you can ask your social media followers. A lot of people are afraid to ask for fear that it will be viewed as spam, or that it will simply put a lot of customers off. This is rarely the case, and you can make it very clear from the beginning that you fully understand if the recipient is not interested in the deal that you have to offer.

LinkedIn is especially useful for this kind of contact with site owners; it is a professional network, after all, and so is essentially designed for cultivating this exact kind of relationship with people.

Search Social Media

Twitter Guest Post SearchDon’t close down your social media accounts just yet, because there is a lot more potential for your to benefit from.

Use Twitter, use LinkedIn, use Facebook, use Reddit, and use any other social media websites where you know your industry is active.

Use similar search terms to those that you used for your initial Google search. Twitter is very useful for this, and you can search for sites that have published guest posts, as well as those that are actively searching for people to publish guest posts. Use these searches:

Keyword + “guest post by”
Keyword + “looking for guest posts”
Keyword + “looking for posts”

LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn Groups are often overlooked, despite having many potential uses. They can be used to build brand awareness and individual authority. They can also be used to find guest blogging sites.

There are groups specifically set up to connect guest bloggers with sites that publish guest posts. These groups do not tend to be industry specific, but you can search within SEO groups. There are even guest posting groups, too.

Always perform your due diligence on the quality of the site before you contact and attempt to connect with the site owner.

Facebook Groups

Facebook is often considered a more powerful B2C tool than a B2B marketing aid. In reality, the sheer number of people, companies, and groups, that operate on the site, means that it remains extremely useful for businesses in all sectors and industries.

Join SEO, blogging, and digital marketing groups and searching within these groups. Again, it is unlikely that sites with massive authority will be found advertising in this way, but you can unearth some real gems that you wouldn’t have otherwise found.

This particular tactic has yielded us some good results as part of our guest blogging service. It seems especially useful when looking for guest blogging sites in the tech industry. Health and fitness is another popular industry on Facebook groups.

My own word of warning here is to check that you aren’t publishing on Private Blog Networks, or PBNs. PBN links are cheap, but they leave an obvious footprint. You may enjoy a short-term boost in rankings, but chances are good that Google will eventually catch on to your black hat practices and impose a penalty on your site.

Keep it ethical and continue to enjoy better search engine rankings.

Forums And Forum Groups

Forums may sound a bit like last decade’s SEO link building, but forums remain popular in many industries. They are also a viable source of guest blogging sites and guest posting opportunities.

Consider the likes of Warrior Forum and Reddit. Both are incredibly popular forums, both have very active users, and both have sections where you can find other website owners that are looking for guest authors just like you.

Alternatively, you can post on the forum asking for website owners that would be willing to accept such posts. You should always be prepared for some potential negative responses when posting online, but be polite and be mindful of the forum terms and conditions, and this should be less of a problem.

Blog Directories is the site that springs to mind when we talk about blog directories, but there are many others, and there are some industry specific sites too.

Alltop DirectoryBlog directories do not list sites looking for guest posts, but they do have categorised lists of blogs. You can use this list to identify some of the best blogs, look for those that have published guest pieces in the past, and you can add these sites to your list. Unless you can see clear evidence of guest posts having been published on a site before, you should consider these guest post leads to be slow burning.

Stalk Your Competitors For Guest Blogging Sites

Delve into your competitors’ backlinks, using a tool like Reverse engineering a competitor’s backlink profile not only identifies guest blogging sites, but opportunities to build a similar link profile as your main competitors.

Look at the number of links they have, as well as the quality of those links. Look at blog links to work out whether they were given naturally or were generated through guest posting, whether they are comment links or resource list links. Contact the blog owner and see if you can’t get a similar link back to your site. Once you have mirrored as much of a competitor’s link profile, it is time to move on to the next.


Craigslist isn’t just for hook ups. Search industry and topical sections of the popular classified ad site.

This isn’t a strategy that we’ve used that often, because Craigslist has dwindled in popularity anyway, and was never as popular in the UK as it was in the US.

We have read reports of people enjoying success using this technique, though, so it could be worth considering.

Finding Guest Blogging Sites

This is a selection of technique and strategies that we have used, and continue to use, when building authoritative links and driving traffic to client sites as part of our guest blogging service.

  • Do you have any other techniques to find authoritative blogs on which to publish guest posts?
  • Do you use any of the techniques above to find guest blogging sites?

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