Make Money On YouTube With These 10 Tips

How To Make Money On YouTube

Make Money On YouTubeWhether you’re trying to make money gaming on YouTube, like Stampy (How Does Stampylonghead Make Money On YouTube?) and PewDiePie (PewDiePie One Of The Most Influential Internet Stars), or you are looking to promote a website or business, optimising your YouTube channel will help improve your rankings and increase your viewers.

Following these tips and optimising your page can help to drive traffic. It is, ultimately, the quality of your video content that will determine your YouTube success. Ensure that you’re producing quality clips and implement the following 10 tips to make money on YouTube.

1 – Record HD Videos

It isn’t just about the quality of the content in YouTube’s eyes. When you conduct a search on YouTube, you will notice that HD videos typically outrank SD videos.

Video quality also indirectly affects your YouTube performance. Better quality videos means viewers spend more time on your video, they become more engaged, and you attract more subscribers. These are all YouTube ranking factors and will help ensure that your videos appear closer to the top of YouTube searches. It may also help them appear on Google’s first page in their search results.

2 – Don’t Ignore Meta Data

Meta Data may have no impact on your Google position, but it does matter to YouTube SEO.

  • The title of your video should incorporate one of your primary keywords. It should be concise and accurate, and it should encourage clicks from readers.
  • The description needs to be accurate, and incorporating keywords means that these will be bolded in search results.
  • YouTube’s reliance on Meta Data as ranking factors means that the keyword field is important. Include your most important keywords; those that viewers are most likely to search for when looking for the videos that you offer.

3 – Ask For Engagement

Engagement actions (Likes, Shares, Subscriptions…) are as powerful to YouTube marketing as links are to SEO. Don’t be afraid to just ask users to engage. Ask for a thumbs up, ask your viewers to subscribe, and ask them to share your video. Consider this your Call To Action, and use it to help increase subscriber count.

4 – Customise Thumbnails

YouTube will automatically create a thumbnail of your video by taking a screenshot. Rarely do automatically generated images yield the best conversionary results. Create your own for every video that you make. At the very least, go through your video and choose your own screen shot. Ensure that it’s branded, and make sure that it is appealing in some way.

Try to make sure that every thumbnail is unique. Channel visitors don’t want to just see a grid that is filled with your logo. This type of logo thumbnail will harm your viewer numbers too.

5 – Upload Closed Captions

Every YouTube video that is uploaded can, and should, include closed captions. Again, youTube attempts to help by offering a free and automated closed caption service. Mistakes are common when using YouTube’s offering, so create your own. Search engines can read the content of closed captions. What’s more, you won’t be preventing deaf people from visiting your site.

6 – Hold A Competition

If you want to increase your subscriber account, then holding a competition is an effective technique. Granted, it is a cliched technique that has been used in all forms of advertising, but this doesn’t make it less effective.

By holding a competition, you ensure that participants will want to revisit your site in the future. The easiest way for them to do this is to subscribe to your channel. If you continue to provide high quality content, you shouldn’t leak subscribers once you provide competition results either. Make it a regular thing and you can make sure that you don’t leak.

7 – Collaborate To Expand

Another way of expanding your subscriber account is to leverage other popular YouTube users. Collaborate with influencers within your industry, or within a related industry. Conduct an interview, create a video together, and watch as your channel numbers inflate with subscribers that come direct from your fellow collaborator’s videos.

8 – Create Playlists

There are many reasons why you would want visitors to view more than one of your videos. This is a ranking signal used by YouTube to determine the quality of your feed. It also means that your viewers are more likely to subscribe to your channel, and it means an increased chance of engagement and improved conversion rates.

Create playlists of your videos that are relevant to one another. If you don’t create a playlist, a viewer has to physically click on another of your videos to start watching. With a playlist, the next entry in your predetermined list will start playing when the last one finishes.

9 – Share Your Own Video

Don’t assume that all of your marketing and social media efforts should be conducted on YouTube alone. Share your latest videos on Facebook and on Twitter. Build up a multi-channel following, targeting the users of each platform individually. Some people prefer to watch video directly from their Facebook feed while others may only click on video links when they see them on Twitter.

10 – Research And Use Tags

Optimising your YouTube Channel isn’t the time to be shy with tags. Don’t be afraid to list any and all relevant keywords in the tag field. While this may not be the most powerful of YouTube’s ranking factors, the video site does rely heavily on Meta Data and you do, at least, have direct control over the tags that you choose.

You can use your SEO keywords, or conduct separate keywords to help determine which are the tags that are used by your viewers most often.

How To Make Money On YouTube?

Making money on YouTube is not a quick or simple process. Only a handful of people enjoy the kinds of success that major names make, but it is possible to make a handsome return on your time and effort. Stick to topics and content that you are comfortable with, or an industry in which you really are an authority. Create high quality content and optimise your channel, while promoting your videos on other platforms.

No matter how many tips you follow, though, if the videos themselves aren’t up to scratch, you will struggle to make any money on YouTube.

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