What Is MOZ Domain Authority?

What Is Domain Authority And How Does It Affect You?

Domain Authority is a numerical measure of the authority that a website is perceived to have by Google. Developed by Moz, it is meant as a means of determining how well a website is likely to rank in search engines.

It is one of the metrics that we at Branding Media use to determine the quality of a guest post site and used as an everyday tool for our guest blogging services, and it is widely used across the SEO industry to judge the value of inbound links. While it isn’t without its problems and limitations, it is an efficient place to start when looking for high quality guest post sites.

How Domain Authority Is Calculated

Domain Authority takes a lot of factors into account, but above all it is governed by the number and quality of links that a website has. Of course, it’s no accident that this is also true of Google’s search results.

DA is measured out of a potential 100 points, and is logarithmically scaled. It is easier to increase from a rank 10 to 11 than from a rank 90 to 91.

Why Domain Authority Is Important

There are a lot of metrics to consider when judging the value of a guest blogging opportunity. A good place to start is to check the Domain Authority of potential sites. It’s quick and easy to use, and you can set a benchmark figure to eliminate sites that are of too low quality.

Most of our clients want guest blogs on sites with at least DA20. We do consider other factors to value a guest blogging opportunity, like whether a site has genuine traffic, whether it has an active social following, and whether a site is relevant, but we use Domain Authority as our guide.

If you’re looking to either buy or sell advertising or sponsored posts, then you should aim for a DA20 as the point where you can start to earn reasonable ongoing money.


For all its virtues, however, MOZ Domain Authority is not without its limitations:

  • MOZ Domain AuthorityDoesn’t Incorporate Penalties – If a site has been hit with a Google penalty, for thin content or for spammy links, this won’t be directly represented by the site’s DA. Whether you’re looking for link value or genuine traffic, a Google penalty is not a good sign. Traffic will diminish over time, if it hasn’t already, and Google themselves will give less consideration to external links. Google updates its algorithms and introduces new penalties on a regular basis, so this can be a recurring problem if you don’t check traffic levels of a site.
  • Doesn’t Consider Relevance – In Google’s eyes, relevance is everything. In the eyes of site visitors, relevance is everything. Unfortunately, tools like MOZ Domain Authority checker and MOZRank checker cannot rank sites according to relevance. Again, this is something that has to be checked manually, but it should be checked whenever you look for guest posting opportunities.
  • Doesn’t Consider Potential – Setting a minimum DA20 means that you could miss out on sites that have yet to amass DA, but offer excellent quality that will lead to a DA increase in the future. It is always worth looking a little below the required DA to see if you can find any up-and-coming sites. As their ranking and authority increases, so too will the value of the link that you got from that site.

What Is The Domain Authority Of My Site?

The two simplest ways to check domain authority are to use Open Site Explorer (OSE) or, better still in our opinion, install the MOZ bar. While OSE lets you manually enter a single domain and check additional details like Spam Score, the toolbar is more convenient. Once installed, it displays the DA and Page Authority (PA) of any page that you are on. You can also use it to display these scores in search listings, which is an efficient way of checking scores of sites that you manually visit.

To check the domain authority of your site, enter your URL in OSE or install the Moz bar and visit your website.

How Often Does Domain Authority Update?

One of the benefits of Domain Authority is that it updates on a regular basis. The days of using PageRank to value a website have long gone, thankfully. One of the big problems with PageRank is that it updated so infrequently.

Domain Authority updates roughly once every month. However, this isn’t always the case and you may have to wait around 5 to 6 weeks. If there is a problem with the index, it could be a little longer. As a general rule, though, DA does update once a month.

Why Is My Domain Authority Dropping?

MOZ Domain Authority uses dozens of ranking factors to determine a website’s DA score. As such, a drop in ranking could be caused by any of these factors.

One of the most common underlying causes of a drop in DA, however, is inactivity. To increase ranking, you should add regular content to your site, share it socially, and build links to your website. Once you stop doing these things, you may initially enjoy some residual benefits from your earlier efforts, but your authority will start to drop eventually.

What Is Domain Authority 1?

Moz indexes billions of pages to build its database (169 billion URLs at the time of writing, in fact), but it can only index a site once it has been found. This usually means that, until your website has a link that Moz recognises, your site will not be indexed.

A Domain Authority 1 means that your site has yet to be indexed. Build links are concentrate on providing high quality content – your DA will build naturally over time.

What Is A Good Domain Authority Number?

Because DA does not take factors like relevance into account, it means the question of a good DA is highly subjective. A site with an authority of 20 might hit the top of search results for niche keywords, whereas a site with generic keywords and a competitive industry may need a much higher DA of 40 or more before it really starts to see traffic.

20 is the first magic number when it comes to DA, though. This seems to be the figure that most people aim for, and that most clients want from a guest post site.

When Is The Next Domain Authority Update?

You can see when the next DA update is by visiting this page -https://moz.com/products/api/updates

So, What Increases Domain Authority?

The biggest factor, in our experience, that affects Domain Authority is links. This isn’t a ground breaking announcement. MOZ Domain Authority uses machine learning to basically try and mirror Google search results. Because Google is so heavily influenced by the number and quality of links that a site has, so too is MOZ Domain Authority.

At Branding Media, we strive to provide clients with high quality, long-term, and genuine links from authoritative websites within their niche. We not only check DA but ensure that you get great value for money when you use our guest blogging services.

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