What Is MOZ Page Authority?

What Is Page Authority?

Page Authority from SEOMOZ (now MOZ) is a measure of the authority that a specific web page has. MOZ say Page Authority (PA) is calculated using more than 40 factors, and it is considered a useful tool for content marketing, SEO, and marketing agencies. It is also used as an industry standard metric, so is great for reporting to clients. Install the MOZ Bar or use Open Site Explorer to quickly view any web page authority.

MOZ Domain AuthorityHow Is It Used?

Although it is just a metric, and therefore does not directly influence search rankings, it is a useful means of tracking your SEO or content marketing progress. We, and a lot of other SEOs, also use it to help determine the value of potential links and guest posts, and use it to measure 2nd tier link building progress. It really is a useful tool for our guest blogging services.

How We Use MOZ Page Authority

It is possible to increase PA up to and even above the DA of a site, and a brand new page has a DA1. Building links to new pages increases its authority, and we check page authority when measuring the value of a guest blogging opportunity, and during 2nd tier linking building campaigns.

What Is My Page Authority?

Want to know how to find the page authority of a website or how to check page authority of your own pages?

The only page authority checker you need is the MOZ Bar or Open Site Explorer from MOZ. We always suggest installing the MOZ Bar. Once you have, not only are you able to see the PA of any web page you are on, in your browser toolbar, but you can also use the SERP overlay. PA and DA results are displayed underneath a web page listing, which makes it easier to discount low quality pages if you are looking for a guest blogging site.

How To Increase Page Authority

Increasing page authority is a means to an end. An increase in PA itself will not directly influence anything. However, it is important to know how to increase page authority for second tier link building. It enables you to take greater advantage of every guest posting opportunity. Without links for the guest post, it will often remain as a PA1, but with good quality second tier links you can increase PA closer to the DA of the linking site.

Many of the actions that lead to an increase in PA are considered good SEO practice. You can see an improvement in search engine rankings by increasing the authority of your page.

Page Authority, therefore, enables you to improve the power of links to your website, and encourages you to improve search engine ranking position. It is important.

How Page Authority Is Calculated

Nobody knows exactly how page authority is calculated. MOZ uses a machine learning algorithm to help it determine the numerical value it assigns to pages. However, it is known that links are important; both the quality and quantity of links that you have.

Although links do have a direct impact on PA, MOZ state that there are more than 40 other factors. Keep up with best content marketing practices. Link to your pages, use good internal linking, ensure that you have good quality content, and share your pages on social media. This will help improve your web page authority.

What Is Domain Authority?

Page authority measures the power of a single page. Domain authority measures the power of an entire website. Read our post “What Is Domain Authority?” for more specific details on DA.

Why Is My Page Authority 1?

Whenever a new page is published, it will start out with a PA of 1. It will take until at least the next MOZ Index update for the PA to increase. If you have no links, the PA is unlikely to increase until you have built at least one good quality inbound link. To increase Page Authority, you need to build links to the exact page, rather than to the URL or domain. The better the PA of the links, the more benefit your own page will enjoy. The PA of new guest posts will also be 1.

What Is A Good Page Authority Score?

It’s very difficult to judge what is a good PA and what isn’t. For your own site, your product, service, and money pages should have a PA similar to that of your DA. If you are guest blogging, remember that a new post will have an authority of 1. Look at the authority of some older posts to see the kind of figures you can hope to reach. Compare this to the DA of the website, too. This will give you a reasonable indication of the web page authority your link can reach.

How Often Is Page Authority Updated?

MOZ updates this page, https://moz.com/products/api/updates, with details of when their index was last updated and when it is next due an update. Delays can occur, but the timescale is typically one month between updates. The index contains several billion URLs, and use a machine learning algorithm to calculate the PA score. This is why it can’t be live or more frequently updated.

There are many metrics and measurements that can be used to ascertain the value of a website or web page. Although DA is commonly considered more important, PA is also an important and useful metric. Use the MOZ Bar or OSE and use good SEO tactics to increase the PA of your own pages, or the PA of links to your site.

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