Why Is My Domain Authority Dropping?

Why Has My Domain Authority Dropped?

Why Is My Domain Authority DroppingDomain Authority (What Is Domain Authority?) is a great metric for measuring your SEO, content marketing, and other marketing efforts. It is a numerical value between 1 and 100 of a site, and MOZ updates its index and rankings roughly every month. It doesn’t directly influence search ranking position, but when used well it can give a good indication of a successful link building or content marketing campaign. As long as you continue to build, or attract, authoritative links, it is likely that your DA will increase, but this isn’t always the case for all website owners.

Don’t Panic

First of all, if you’ve noticed your Domain Authority dropping, there isn’t necessarily any reason to worry or panic. It does warrant further investigation, though.

A Diminishing Index

First of all, check the size of the MOZ index. Sometimes, the index reduces in size, which means that fewer URLs and fewer domains have been crawled. You could lose the benefit of an inbound link if it is no longer being crawled by MOZ, but it shouldn’t affect your Google rankings.

Check the MOZ API Update page here https://moz.com/products/api/updates and compare the size of the index this update compared to last update. For example, at the time of writing, the number of indexed URLs crawled at the last update was 169 billion, compared to 207 billion during the last update and 229 billion for the update before. This represents a significant drop in the number of URLs and links that are being considered when calculating your DA.

Compare your DA to that of your competitors, and keep track of your main competitor’s DA as well as your own. If there is a general downward trend, and your site roughly matches this trend, there is likely to be very little to worry about.

Link Building Inactivity

If this isn’t the cause, then inactivity could be the cause of your drop. DA is based almost entirely on links and link quality. If you have spent several months building high quality content, this won’t directly impact your DA. If it also means that you have neglected your link building efforts, then lost links and the fact that you have no fresh links is likely to be the cause of your drop in DA. Build more links to that great content you’ve created and you will start to see your DA build up again. Alternatively, you can use Branding Media content marketing and guest blogging services to help build authoritative links.

Domain Authority Dropping

Any drop in DA can be treated as being negative by website owners and marketers but you should also consider that DA is logarithmic. If you have a DA of 40, it is likely to only drop one or two points during a single update. The logarithmic scale means that a DA of 10 could easily drop by 5 points rather than a single point.

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