Why Is My Domain Authority So Low?

Whether your website’s Domain Authority has dropped or it has been consistently low for some time, it can be incredibly frustrating. MOZ Domain Authority may not influence rankings or traffic, but it is an industry leading measurement of a site’s link profile. If you’ve been putting in effort creating linkable assets and building links to those assets, then you are probably expecting a decent DA. While this does normally correlate, it isn’t always the case for all webmasters.

Logarithmic DA Scale

Why Is My Domain Authority So Low?Domain Authority has a logarithmic scale. This means that it is much easier to increase your DA from 1 to 5 than it is to raise it from 20 to 25. For this reason, it will feel like your DA increase has stalled after the first few months of link building. In this case, keep generating great content and encouraging authoritative links. The gains will come.

It is also important to determine what is considered a good DA. Very few and very select sites have a DA over 80, and even reaching 40 should be considered a considerable achievement. A DA of 20 is usually the first milestone that owners aim for, but if you have a website that operates in a very tight niche, then even a DA of 15 could be considered a decent authority level.

The Importance Of Links

Domain Authority is primarily based on links – both the quantity and the quality. If you have spent all of your time and effort on generating fresh new content, then this won’t directly lead to an increase in your DA. You need to build links. Consider social media marketing or use the Branding Media guest posting service to help increase the number and quality of links that you have.

The Domain Authority Index

A final point worth mentioning is that MOZ cannot index every website or every URL online. They currently index around 2 billion URLs, which is a lot, but it isn’t every web page. It also takes time for new links to be discovered and crawled by MOZ, so if you have undertaken a link building campaign in the past month or even two months, you are unlikely to enjoy the full benefits of these efforts just yet.

Be patient, keep publishing high quality content, and use ethical and white hat link building techniques and you will see an increase in your Domain Authority over time.

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