What Is A Good Domain Authority Number?

What Is A Good Domain Authority?Whether you want to sell advertising on your blog, or you are looking for good quality blogs on which to guest post, Domain Authority is a decent measure of a site’s perceived value. It should never be used on its own, but it is an industrywide standard so you will come across it on a regular basis. If you’ve used a domain authority checker, like Open Site Explorer or the MOZ toolbar, you likely want to know what represents a good domain authority.

What Is A Good Domain Authority Number?

Like many aspects of managing and maintaining your own website, there is no simple answer to this question. The honest answer is that it depends.

What Is A Good Domain Authority For My Own Site?

If you are using DA to measure the progress of your own site, compare it to that of your competitors. Conduct a search using your most important keywords, and take a look at the authority they have. Ideally, set up a spreadsheet and track the authority of your main competitors and your own website on a monthly basis. MOZ updates its index and both Domain Authority and Page Authority roughly every month to six weeks, so by conducting a monthly check, you can determine how well your own link building efforts are performing when compared to those of your competitors. This will give you a rough idea of whether you should be able to rank above those sites for relevant keywords and searches.

What Is Good Domain Authority For Selling Advertising?

If you are looking to sell advertising, then you should be aiming for a minimum DA of around 20. This is the level where you can start to sell sponsored posts and other forms of advertising. Below this figure, most advertisers will not see the value in paying. As your DA increases, you will receive more enquiries, and you will be able to charge more.

What Is A Good Domain Authority For Guest Blogging?

If you are looking for sites to publish guest posts on, then there are a lot of factors to consider. Look for links from relevant countries, from blogs on relevant topics, and that have genuine traffic and social metrics. We use DA when looking for guest blogging sites primarily because it gives us somewhere to start. We usually ignore domains with an authority below 20, although we will consider up and coming sites between 15 and 20 if they look likely to increase in the future.

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