What Is The Domain Authority Of My Site?

What Is Your Domain Authority?Domain Authority is a numerical measure of the authority that a website has. MOZ describes it as being a method of tracking the “ranking strength” of a website. It is commonly used to compare and measure performance against competitor websites, and it is also used across the SEO and digital marketing industries as one of a number of methods of measuring the linking quality of a website. You can measure the Domain Authority (DA) of your site by using Open Site Explorer, the MOZ bar, or third party domain authority checker software.

Read What Is MOZ Domain Authority? for more information on DA.

Although Domain Authority does not impact or influence search engine rankings, it can give a good indication of how well a website should perform. It also serves as a beneficial method of whittling down potential guest blogging opportunities and linking sites. At Branding Media we use it as part of our guest blogging services, typically ignoring those sites with a DA of less than 20. For our own outreach, we will consider up-and-coming sites with a DA of between 15 and 20.

What Is My Domain Authority Score?

To find out the Domain Authority of your own site, there are several methods you can use.

  • In the long term, the easiest option is to install the MOZ bar. Once installed, the MOZ bar sits in your browser and you can view just the Domain Authority of websites when in DA mode, or you can view the DA and PA of pages if you use the MOZ Bar. In this mode you also get an overlay on search results, which means that you can check the DA of every single page when looking for guest blogging sites. To find your own DA, install the MOZ bar and open your website.
  • You can also use Open Site Explorer, even with a free MOZ account. Simply visit https://moz.com/researchtools/ose/, paste your URL into the URL box and then click Search or hit Enter. OSE gives you more in-depth results than the MOZ bar, such as Spam Score, but there are limits to how many searches you can complete in any day.
  • There are Domain Authority checkers out there that will check the DA for you. These may, or may not, include additional SEO tools, but we rarely ever turn to Domain Authority checkers, apart from those provided by MOZ themselves.

MOZ updates roughly every month to 6 weeks. Once you have your preferred method of measuring your own DA, keep a track of any changes and fluctuations that you see, and also measure the performance of your competitor websites. Keep the information in a spreadsheet for measuring marketing performance in the future.

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