Article Writing Service

Branding Media’s article writing service gives you access to professional, native English speaking content and SEO article writers. Whether you want to free up time to concentrate on the core aspects of running your business, don’t have the expertise in house, or you want a different angle for your articles, contact us today for competitive prices and high quality work.

Types Of Online Article

Articles can take many forms, and they can vary in format. They can be news pieces or blog posts, articles for ezines, or they can be published on your own website to assist in your optimisation efforts. They can be used as guides or product reviews, to provide supporting information for readers, or they can be used as page content to convert visitors to sales. At Branding Media we provide the following article writing services.

  • Guides – A guide is usually a long-form piece of content, consisting of at least 1,000 words. It is used to provide information and instructions to readers. They are detailed and offer actionable advice that aims to assist the reader in performing a specific action or series of actions. The guide should be targeted to your readers, or potential readers, and can form the basis for a concerted content marketing push. As well as a professional article writing service, Branding Media also offers content marketing and blogger outreach campaigns.
  • Blog posts – Blog posts are personable and narrative. They can offer strong opinion and can be highly emotive, although business blogs should remain professional. Blog posts can take almost any length, from a couple of hundred words to several thousand, although much longer posts would be better broken into a series of shorter posts. Using our article writing service for this type of content means that we can follow a certain style, heavily research an industry, and find a popular topic. We can even research relevant keywords and help you promote your posts once they are published.
  • Product reviews – If you run an ecommerce website, or you sell or pre-sell any products on your website, then product reviews are very beneficial. They introduce long-tail keywords that are relevant to the products that you sell, they enable readers to make an informed buying decision, and they can incorporate images and videos, which website visitors will benefit from. The length of the product review will depend on the product itself, but shouldn’t ultimately be determined by the number of products you have in your catalogue.
  • Page content – Website content can drive traffic, it can inform readers, and it can convert visitors to sales. It can also help reduce bounce rates and increase customer retention rates. In fact, it can reduce the time your team spends answering enquiries and calls, and do much, much more. Our content article writing service benefits from the provision of content that is optimised for search engines as well as for conversions.
  • News articles – News article are the perfect example of content that can serve multiple purposes. Publish them on your own site or blog, to become an industry authority. Publish them on social media networks to help with your SMM campaign. Use them to increase leads. They can even be published in the newsletter that you send to those leads, or they can be used for guest posting on authoritative sites.

Branding Media has experience in researching and writing all of these types of online article – get in touch if you want to see specific article writing samples.

Why Is Article Writing Important For SEO?

Articles have many purposes, then, including improving your search engine ranking. A researched and optimised article can be placed on your website to drive traffic, and the same article can also convert page visitors so that they take the next desired action. Articles can be posted to news sites and used as guest blogs to help build links. They can be shared on social media networks to improve your social signals. All of these factors are beneficial to an SEO campaign, which is why SEO article writing can prove so beneficial to your business website.

Whatever the article writing service you choose, it offers many benefits to your business:

  • Builds authority
  • Informs and educates
  • Fosters a relationship
  • Adds fresh content to your site
  • Builds links for your SEO efforts
  • Generates leads for conversion

Can encourage social media shares

Why Outsource Article Writing?

Article writing takes time and expertise. Data and facts need to be gathered, information sourced, and a framework for the article has to be put together. Titles and sub-titles need to be crafted, keyword research completed, and the article written.

Calls To Action, keywords, and emotive content needs to be incorporated into the article.

Even writing a short article can take hours of your time; time that should be spent liaising with clients, brokering deals with suppliers, or conducting any of the myriad of core jobs involved in running your business.

Outsourcing article writing means that you can have a professional article writing service complete the work for you, and you can carry on running your business, while ensuring that you receive high quality content.

Why Outsource Article Writing To Branding Media?

Our article writers can craft compelling content on any topic, and whatever industry you operate in, we almost certainly have experience in writing relevant content. We produce work quickly, meet tight deadlines when needed, and we offer highly competitive prices for a professional, native English speaking service. What’s more, if you have regular article writing requirements or you need a lot of articles written for one project, we can offer discounted rates, so that you enjoy the best deal possible.

The following are more benefits of using the Branding Media article writing service:

  • Native English speaking article writers
  • Full and extensive research conducted on all projects
  • We can perform keyword research and competitor analysis
  • We write appealing and informative article content

Email us today to discuss your content requirements, and to get your free, no-obligation quote.