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Branding Media is a blog writing service that provides fresh, unique content crafted specifically for your blog. Attract visitors, convert leads, and build authority with a professional blog writer.

We conduct thorough research and can write on any topic or any industry. You can enjoy regular, fresh content as part of a branding, SEO, SMM, or list building campaign. Alternatively, you can use the posts that we write as part of a blogger outreach campaign or to publish high quality content on any social media profile.

Business Blog Benefits

The business blog can take many forms, and is no longer considered a luxury. Use yours to communicate the latest news in your company, or to provide industry news. Use it to offer tutorials or provide guides related to your business and the services or products it offers. However you use your blog, there are a number of key benefits that your blog writer can offer your online efforts.

Drive Traffic

Blog posts offer fresh and unique content, typically filled with natural long-tail keywords. High quality content is also linkable, giving you many of the basic components of an SEO campaign. A blog writer can post regular updates in order to help drive visitors to your website as part of a Social Media Marketing (SMM) campaign too, while having your blog feeds curated on external sites can drive yet more traffic.

Convert Traffic

Once visitors arrive on your page, a blog writing service ensures that the content is written so that it sells or pre-sells your items. Not all blog posts are used in this way, but you can add Calls To Action, and choose whether you want to divert traffic to your main sales pages, or attempt to convert them directly from your blog post updates.

Build Authority

The more authoritative a blog writer, the more powerful their blog. All Branding Media blog posts are ghost written so that you can publish under your own name. You can build your authority, so that readers will be more inclined to listen to what you have to say and to take the actions that you suggest they take.

Customer Retention

There are many purposes to a business website, and not just to generate new sales. Your blog can assist you in retaining customers, too. Repeat visitors and repeat customers are, in essence, more profitable. The marketing costs associated with attracting and selling to the customer have already been accounted for as part of their first purchase, which means that additional purchases have a greatly improved profit margin. Your blog writer can offer FAQs, remind readers of sales and offers, and they can help ensure that all your clients are happy and more willing to use your services again.

Branding Media Blog Writer Benefits

Branding Media’s blog writing services enable you to enjoy fresh, unique, and professionally written content without the work. Whether you struggle for time or you don’t have a professional blog writer working in your company, you don’t have to do without the many benefits of maintaining a business blog.
Affordable – The cost of a professionally written blog post depends on a number of factors, but primarily the length of the post. As a guide, however, our rates start at 5p per word, with discounts for longer pieces, for regular content requirements, and for bulk orders. If you use our blog writing service as part of a content marketing plan or in conjunction with any of our other content services, you can enjoy reduced rates too.
Timely – Whether you want daily, weekly, monthly, or occasional posts, we will deliver on time, every time. Readers will expect you to keep up a routine posting schedule, and if your content is curated on other sites, then you will need to publish news on a timely basis. This is also important if you want to be included in Google News or similar sites.
Any Guidelines – We can work to any length and format guidelines you have. We typically advise that blog posts be around 1,000 words in length, but are happier to craft shorter or longer posts, as per your requirements or the requirements of the post. We also prefer natural keyword densities and keyword usage, but can meet any guidelines you have. Have a topic or keyword in mind? Let us know and we’ll cover it. Want us to research a topic, as well as the content? That’s not a problem either.
Regular – If you have an ongoing need for a professional blog writer, we can let you know whether we can meet those needs. We can also bill monthly and we can publish the content straight to your Content Management System (CMS) or to a social media website to save you more time. Alternatively, you can order a single post every few months, and we can email the finished piece over to you once it’s ready.
Unique – No matter how regularly you post, or how on-topic the posts are, if they don’t contain unique information and aren’t written uniquely, you will lose visitors and could even face penalties from the search engines. While we can completely rewrite an existing post so that it is unique, we can combine figures, data, statistics, and information from multiple, authoritative sources or we can work with your own data to create truly unique ideas.

Use A Professional Blog Writing Service

The Branding Media blog writer service can provide you with regular or one-off blog post content for your site. Increase traffic, improve conversions, and retain clients with our unique blog posts, even if your business doesn’t have the time or the resources to create the posts you need. Contact us today to get started.

Blog posts and blog content can take many different forms. Posts don’t have to be text based. You can publish infographics, video, or audio content, although including text transcripts and supporting text for these types of post will also provide benefits.

Blog Format

Realistically, a blog post should be the length it needs to be to accurately relay a message, and a blog writer should post as frequently as you have relevant content to publish. However, it can pay dividends to follow a more rigid editorial calendar while sticking to a particular format and post length that has proven effective for you so far.

Title – Post titles, like page titles, should be fewer than 60 characters. This ensures that the full titles is displayed in search results, and it also makes it easier for other to share and Tweet the page without having to recreate a shorter title. The title should be compelling to draw readers in, and it should accurately represent the content of the post. It can include keywords and a good blog writer is able to draft appealing and effective titles that fall within the 60 character limit.
Blog Length – Dictating the length of a blog post is tricky. There are reasons to support both short and long blog posts. A short post does not allow readers the opportunity to become bored, while longer content does tend to perform better in search engine results while providing ample space to relay a message. 1,000 word posts tend to be considered an appropriate length for posts with genuine content. This is also the length that most sites demand from a blog writer for guest blogging content.
Blog Frequency – The reasons you post on a blog, and the type of content that you publish, will dictate how often your blog publishes content. Generally, if you want readers to come back and read more, you should be publishing at least every week, and if you want a site to be included in Google News you will need to post several pieces a day. Branding Media blog writers can meet any frequency requirements.

Branding Media blog writers can meet any of your blog format and blog content requirements. Contact us today to see how our blog writing service can help your business.