Content Inspiration – Google News

Using Google News And Google Alerts To Spark Content Ideas Whatever you think of their privacy rules, the right to be forgotten, or the latest Panda update, Google is a massive repository of information. Scouring Google for data no longer means that you are restrained to viewing pages and pages of text. Instead, you can... Continue reading →

Content Inspiration – Analytics

Use Your Analytics Package As Content Inspiration There are many great sources of content inspiration for your blog or website. Sites like and can provide details of the topics that your target market want to read about, while Google News offers insight into the latest news stories related to virtually any industry, topic,... Continue reading →

Are There Any Native Ad Marketplaces?

A native ad marketplace is a site or service that doesn’t directly publish your content on their own site, but that has a portfolio or network of websites that they work with. They work in a similar way to a media buyer, used by a company to find the best TV, radio, or paper and... Continue reading →

A Guide To Native Advertising

If you’re completely new to native advertising, you may want to view our basic native advertising guide slideshow first. What Is Native Advertising? Native advertising has been around for many years, but the advance of social media platforms, blogs, and other media platforms has seen more and more businesses embark on native ad campaigns. Many... Continue reading →

What Is Native Advertising And Do You Use It Effectively?

According to a recent study undertaken by Copyblogger, only 3% of their readers have a strong understanding of native advertising. Considering how effective sponsored posts, Tweets, and other paid content can be, this figure is especially low. It is possible that many people use native advertising without really understanding that that’s what they are doing.... Continue reading →

What Is Content Strategy?

Content strategy is the planning, creation, and management of all forms of content throughout its lifecycle. Strategy deals with research and planning, creating and curating, publishing, marketing, measurement, and optimisation of your content. Planning – Content analyses, competitor analyses, and asset analyses are used to determine the types of content you will use, who will... Continue reading →

Content Inspiration –

It can prove a wearisome trudge, trying to find new, relevant, and interesting content for your blog or website. Some days, the words never seem to stop flowing, while other days you can’t even find a reasonably relevant topic. Fortunately, you are sat right in front of what is, by far, the biggest repository of... Continue reading →