Ecommerce Writing Services

Ecommerce Writing ServicesBranding Media’s ecommerce writing services are optimised for Google and for human visitors. Our clients benefit from an increase in targeted traffic, as well as an improvement in conversions and sales. We can write sales pages, product descriptions and reviews, and we can supply supporting content pages such as buyer’s guides, blog posts, industry news, and even newsletter content to send to your subscriber list.

Our ecommerce writing can be combined with any form of digital marketing to generate positive results.

How Important Are Product Descriptions?

One of the most common ecommerce content mistakes we see is the regurgitation and republishing of manufacturer supplied content. Republishing content means that your website is suffering. Google views duplicate content as a negative ranking factor. Visitors have already seen it published on your competitor sites. And, the content is not optimised for your website, for your clients, or for your needs. Ecommerce writing helps avoid these potential problems and pitfalls.

We Love Ecommerce Writing

While many writers and SEOs baulk at the prospect of working on ecommerce content, we relish it, and not just because we can create compelling content for any product.

Ecommerce content sites can rank very well and generate a lot of traffic.

Category pages and product pages can be used to incorporate highly targeted content, that incorporates money keywords through effective ecommerce content writing. Visitors to these pages are already aware of the product, and are often aware of its benefits. They only need to be made aware of your business and the benefits that buying from your company offers. In terms of the awareness funnel, your visitors are only one or two steps away from making a purchase.

Ecommerce Landing Page Optimisation

  • Website landing pages need to be customised according to the visitors that land there.
  • A page should be customised according to exactly the level of awareness that a visitor has.
  • It should be customised according to how the visitor arrives on your page and the path that they took to land on that page.

If you regularly embark on PPC, have good SEO rankings, or you use social media marketing, your ecommerce website content should be targeted to different campaigns. This will give you the greatest conversion rates, and this is where our ecommerce writing services can help.

Product Description Writing And More

  • Your category and product pages may also be landing pages, especially if the products you sell are popular enough that potential customers search for them specifically. These pages can be customised to use relevant keywords, to improve your position in Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).
  • Buyer Guides, whitepapers, and other supporting ecommerce content, can be used to further mop up keywords. They should also be used to provide supporting information. Some of your website visitors will be unsure whether to purchase, or may be unsure which products to buy. Your guides literally guide them, and they also help to build authority in your website and your business.
  • Industry news sites can generate additional traffic. This can be combined with Calls to Action to generate sales, although you should expect conversion rates from organic traffic on these pages to be lower than on your other pages. This doesn’t mean you should overlook the potential that news sites have, though. A blog or news section will attract visitors to return to your site, and they are a powerful content marketing tool.

Buyer Personas And The Awareness Funnel

Branding Media is accustomed to working with buyer personas, and according to the awareness funnel. We only create high quality content, and every paragraph we produce is unique and original. We know how to write product descriptions for SEO, but we also know how to make product descriptions unique and effective, so that they will convert visitors into sales.

Whether you have a brand new site, or an existing ecommerce store and are looking to make additional sales, we know how to improve product descriptions or write completely unique descriptions from the ground up.

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With unique, professional ecommerce writing from Branding Media, you can increase traffic, improve conversions, ensure greater customer retention, and even reduce the time you have to spend on customer services.

  • Increase Traffic – Unique content has a greater chance of reaching the top of search engine results pages, while boilerplate content, or scraped content, is penalised by Google and search engines. Even short-form copy on product pages can prove highly beneficial, especially because of the possibility of introducing niche and highly unique long-tail keywords.
  • Improve Conversions – By providing unique content, you can be bigger, better, and bolder than the competition. At least some of your visitors are likely to have seen the boilerplate content on other sites, and if they find unique content that offers genuine insight and is accurately targeted to them, they will be more inclined to purchase. Using ecommerce writing, you can increased your average earnings per visitor while also increasing visitor numbers.
  • Increase Customer Retention – Offering unique, high quality, and informative content means that your visitors will start to trust you – they will look at you as being an authority on a particular topic and on the products that you sell. Not only does this help increase conversions, but it also means that you can become the resource that buyers turn to, and return to, so that you can retain customers and enjoy additional sales in the future.
  • Decrease Time Spent On Customer Services – Becoming an authority means providing lots of relevant, accurate, targeted information. Exactly the type of information that potential clients would normally ring or email with. If you are able to answer some, or all, of these questions, it means that your leads will be less inclined to contact you. Less time on customer service calls means less expenditure on customer services, or less time spent on the phone and more time running your business. Ecommerce writing can help you to reduce costs, as well as increase revenue.

Ecommerce Writing Services

Branding Media can generate traffic and improve conversion rates. Contact us today to see how our ecommerce website content writing services can improve your bottom line.