Guest Blogging Service

Guest blogging must be done right to be effective. Blog content needs to be thoroughly researched, professionally written, and 100% unique. The guest blogs that content is submitted to need to have genuine traffic, should not appear spammy, and have to carry domain authority. Outreach should be manual, should determine exactly what bloggers are looking for, and it needs to be done in a timely manner. Otherwise, your guest blogging service is selling you short.

If your guest blogging service is looking to post as short a piece as possible, or they are posting content with frequent spelling and grammar mistakes, or if they are submitting work to poor quality blogs, then you won’t get the true benefit of a guest blogging service.

Whether you choose Branding Media or not, we encourage you to look at the quality of your guest blogging service. Is their own website filled with errors? Can they provide genuine links to good quality work? Will they follow up on comments once the content goes live? At Branding Media, we not only provide high quality work and ensure that it is posted to high quality blogs, but we go the extra mile.

We create content that is sticky, post only to topically relevant and high quality blogs, and we join in any conversation and comments that our posts create. This level of guest blogging takes time, it takes effort, and it yields the best possible results. If your guest blogging service is putting in the bare minimum effort, then you’re only getting bare minimum results.

The List

The money is in the list. It’s an adage that is usually applied to email marketing and lead generation, but it holds equally true for high quality guest blogging. Sites need to be relevant to your niche, they should have a community of people that read posts, and they shouldn’t be spammy.

While we do look at the Domain Authority (DA) of a blog, and we also look at the Spam Score, we also manually check websites. We utilise relationships that we have already built with blog owners and bloggers, we develop a list of niche specific blogs, and we ensure that the sites offer some value to a content marketing strategy or a guest blogging service.

You can read more about how we build a list of high quality sites in the following guides:

The Pitch

Once we have a list of guest blogging sites, we contact the site owners on your behalf. We determine what content they are looking for, whether this is a match to your target market, and we pitch a topic or title idea. In some instances, for really high authority sites, and when a guest blogging site demands it, we will write a piece that fits with existing posts and submit it without pitching, but this is typically only for sites with such high authority or active community that it warrants it.

We follow up on any contact that is made, and if we wrote and submitted a piece on spec, we will use that piece elsewhere if the original site doesn’t publish.

The Negotiation

There are many guest blogging sites out there that claim to accept guest posts but, in reality, they charge a fee. Sometimes the fee is acceptable, sometimes it is priced astronomically high. If we choose to publish on sites that charge, then the cost of publishing comes out of the money you pay us. This means that our guest blogging service is completely transparent – you only pay what we quote. Again, we only tend to use paid sites when they have the crowd or the authority to warrant it.

The Research

The best guest blog writing service not only meets the needs of the sites they publish on, but the viewers that will read the post and the needs of the client. This usually demands heavy research. We need to find reliable data and statistics, find topics that are relevant and also interesting, and we often need to include authoritative links out to other sites as well as yours. We might also need to find images, quotes, and other content to include with the post in order to make it as appealing as possible. We fact and data check every piece of information we use to ensure that your company name isn’t associated with inaccurate information.

The Writing

Finally comes the writing. Most guest posts need to be around 1,000 words of content, although some sites prefer shorter and some prefer longer. Some may split a 1,000 word article into two shorter pieces and publish them both. We collate all the data and information we gathered during the research stage and then use them to create an appealing, compelling, and effective piece of content ready for publication on the guest blogging site.

The Follow-Up

Our guest blogging service doesn’t end with publication. We follow up in a few weeks to ensure that the links is still live and, in the meantime, we get involved with any chat or conversation that takes place on the post. We can even write some Tweets, Facebook updates, or other social media updates for you to push out to your own readers and viewers. We can publish another guest post, linking to the original post in order to further enhance that post. Tier 2 link building can be an extremely effective way of improving the power of links generated by a guest blogging service, if you are looking primarily to improve search engine results.

Guest Blogging As Part Of Content Marketing

Although we don’t believe that guest blogging for SEO is dead, we do encourage our clients to look beyond just the SEO benefit that a guest blogging service has to offer. It is, in particular, a powerful form of content marketing and a powerful guest blogging strategy can drive visitors to some of your best on-page content. Add a lead capture form to those pages, and you can enjoy exceptional results right across the board.

Branding Media Guest Blogging Service

DA20+ guest posts for £50

DA30+ guest posts for £70

DA40+ guest posts for £100

We can provide posts in any niche and any topic including all research and writing. We will even follow up on comments.

The Branding Media blog outreach service can be used to drive traffic, encourage links, and to complement a content marketing strategy for your website. We can provide numerous samples of guest posts we have had published, can put together a whole blog outreach strategy, or we can even perform content marketing for your website. Contact us today to discuss your guest blog strategy and to see how we can help improve your website’s performance.