News Writing

News articles offer a means of publishing up to date, relevant, topical, and fresh content. They enable your business to put your own slant on a story, and introduce your corporate voice. They can also be used as a way into Google News; a site that can drive thousands of targeted visitors to every single post that you make.

Branding Media has established regular news columns on many blogs and websites, in a wide variety of industries, and have walked clients through the submission and acceptance process involved in Google News inclusion. We can assist your business in the same way.

Up To Date Content

The single biggest benefit of including news stories on your site, is that they offer fresh and up-to-date content. You may already post editorial comments on news stories in your blog, but a dedicated news section has additional benefits that your blog won’t offer.

Many industry followers will subscribe to your feed because they appreciate access to the high quality, relevant news stories. What’s more, as long as your site meets the strict criteria set out by Google, you could also have your news feed published on the Google News site. Careful analysis and the selection of the most appropriate stories means that this can drive thousands of visitors to your site every single day.

High Quality Writing

When people read news stories, they expect a high quality of writing; a journalistic standard, in fact. While readers may forgive errant grammar and the occasional spelling mistake with blog posts, they will usually be less forgiving when reading news stories.

At Branding Media we thoroughly research news stories, we fact check every piece of information, and we edit before submitting to clients, or before publishing directly on their site. You are assured of a high standard of work.

Affordable News Writing From Branding Media

There are regular news stories for every industry and topic, and we know where to find them. What’s more, we offer highly competitive rates so that you can enjoy the benefits of fresh, high quality content, without having to break the bank to achieve those standards.

News articles typically start at around 300-350 words, and prices for a single piece of this length start at £20.

For bulk orders (typically 10 or more in a month) we offer a price of £15 per article, meaning a saving of 25%.

Email Branding Media today to discuss your requirements and to see how our news writing service can help. We can determine a posting schedule according to the typical frequency of news for your industry and topic, and we can help advise on how to ensure that your site is accepted into Google News.