Use AnswerThePublic To Create Bigger, Better, Bolder Content

Good website content identifies problems or questions faced by readers and then answers them. The best website content answers everything that a potential reader might ask, without leaving gaps. Keyword research, content analysis, and competitor analysis all help provide content inspiration, but, to some extent, they ignore the people that the content is aimed at... Continue reading →

How Important Is Content Marketing To B2B Marketing?

Research by Starfleet Media and Integrated Marketing Summit has revealed some interesting statistics and figures regarding the way that B2B organisations budget for, and perform, content marketing in relation to their overall marketing efforts. As a data lover, I should point out that the survey was conducted on a fairly limited number of organisations (just... Continue reading →

Content Inspiration – Question And Answer Sites

Discussion Sites To Help Drive Content Inspiration You’ve finished checking your Twitter timeline, reading Google News, and perusing competitor sites, but are still struggling to find content inspiration for a new blog post – where else can you look? Question and answer sites can provide you with a list of the most commonly asked questions,... Continue reading →

What Is Native Advertising And Do You Use It Effectively?

According to a recent study undertaken by Copyblogger, only 3% of their readers have a strong understanding of native advertising. Considering how effective sponsored posts, Tweets, and other paid content can be, this figure is especially low. It is possible that many people use native advertising without really understanding that that’s what they are doing.... Continue reading →

What Is Content Strategy?

Content strategy is the planning, creation, and management of all forms of content throughout its lifecycle. Strategy deals with research and planning, creating and curating, publishing, marketing, measurement, and optimisation of your content. Planning – Content analyses, competitor analyses, and asset analyses are used to determine the types of content you will use, who will... Continue reading →

A Is For… Authority

When we look for reliable information on a particular topic, we turn to those that are knowledgeable in that area. For example, when we want a website designed we call on a professional and experienced designer; when we need the toilet fixed, we ask a plumber. Running an online business or website means becoming the... Continue reading →