Ultra Secure Dot Bank TLD Coming Soon

Top Level Domain Expansion Continues With Plans To Launch Secure Dot Bank Domains This Summer fTLD Registry Services has said that banks will be able to start registering new dot bank domain names as soon as May this year, and that the first .bank domains may be available for use by this summer. The dot... Continue reading →

Dot Com Domain Celebrates Its 30th Birthday

30 Years Since The First Dot Com Domain, Symbolics.com Was Registered Symbolics.com was the first ever domain name to be bought and registered by a commercial entity in March 1985, and although it has changed hands since, it remains the oldest registered dot com domain. The first dot com domain was purchased by a tech... Continue reading →

Taylor Swift And Microsoft Aim To Protect Their Brands

Deluge Of New Top Level Domains Causing A Stir With Celebs And Brands Taylor Swift, Richard Branson, and Microsoft have taken steps to try and proactively protect their reputation, buying new top level domains like TaylorSwift.porn, RichardBranson.adult, and Office.porn. Many brands are following suit, as they are forced to decide whether to ignore the potential... Continue reading →

Holiday.com Domain To Sell For £20m+

Hot.com Domain Could Become Most Expensive Domain Ever One of the most highly sought after domain names is coming up for auction, with Holiday.com expected to raise over £20m when some of the world’s leading travel companies get together at the World Travel Market on November 5th in London. The domain has been used sparingly for... Continue reading →

How Can You Use Aged Domains For SEO?

Aged Domains, PBNs, Feeder Sites, And 301 Redirects If you’ve spent any time on SEO or web marketing sites, you will have undoubtedly come across pages and posts telling of the benefits of using aged domains. Apparently, all the most successful affiliate marketers and niche marketers are doing it, so how can you join in... Continue reading →