Facebook Cracking Down On Fake Likes

Social media sites have been cracking down on practices that they believe diminish the quality of experience that users enjoy while on their site. For Twitter, that means taking steps to prevent mean and hateful Tweets, while buttock photos and harassment are being brought into the Instagram spotlight. Facebook, though, are concentrating on preventing or... Continue reading →

25,000 Users To Sue Facebook Over Data Privacy

Lawyer Amassed 25,000 Names Of People Willing To Sue Facebook Over Privacy Breaches Campaigner and lawyer Max Schrems has amassed a list of 25,000 names belonging to users of the social networking website, Facebook, who are willing to be part of a class-action lawsuit and sue the site for online privacy matters. Schrems had to... Continue reading →

Americans Hate Facebook

It may have more than a billion members around the world, and many people may struggle to survive without its use, but according to the latest American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI), Facebook is the most hated of all social media sites; social media itself ranks as the fourth most hated of all industries. The respective... Continue reading →

Vast Majority Of Advertisers Don’t Understand Native Advertising

Research undertaken by Copyblogger has highlighted the fact that the vast majority of their users do not really understand what native advertising is. Copyblogger demographics are made up of website owners, bloggers, and marketers, indicating that while many of them may use some form of native advertising, they don’t necessarily know that this is what... Continue reading →

Advertisers Shouldn’t Ignore Google+ And Twitter

Google+ has struggled to ignite the efforts of marketers since its launch, but several recent studies would indicate that avoiding it altogether is the wrong approach. Three separate reports show that while advertisers are concentrating their efforts on Facebook, Google+ ads have better click through rates, and Google+ visitors spend more time on the site... Continue reading →

Facebook Buying WhatsApp For $19bn

Yahoo may be the company that has been hot on the acquisition trail lately, but Facebook has flexed its financial buying muscle with the purchase of messaging app WhatsApp for a staggering $19bn. It represents the largest purchase made by the social giant so far, surpassing the $1bn they spent on Instagram in 2012 and... Continue reading →