What Is The Domain Authority Of My Site?

Domain Authority is a numerical measure of the authority that a website has. MOZ describes it as being a method of tracking the “ranking strength” of a website. It is commonly used to compare and measure performance against competitor websites, and it is also used across the SEO and digital marketing industries as one of... Continue reading →

Use AnswerThePublic To Create Bigger, Better, Bolder Content

Good website content identifies problems or questions faced by readers and then answers them. The best website content answers everything that a potential reader might ask, without leaving gaps. Keyword research, content analysis, and competitor analysis all help provide content inspiration, but, to some extent, they ignore the people that the content is aimed at... Continue reading →

What Is MOZ Spam Score?

As well as Domain Authority (DA) and Page Authority (PA), Spam Score is a metric provided by MOZ. Rather than measuring authority, it aims to determine the likelihood that a site will be penalised by Google. It measures 17 factors and gives a numerical score out of 17. Using the MOZ tool bar, you can... Continue reading →

What Is MOZ Page Authority?

What Is Page Authority? Page Authority from SEOMOZ (now MOZ) is a measure of the authority that a specific web page has. MOZ say Page Authority (PA) is calculated using more than 40 factors, and it is considered a useful tool for content marketing, SEO, and marketing agencies. It is also used as an industry... Continue reading →

What Is MOZ Domain Authority?

What Is Domain Authority And How Does It Affect You? Domain Authority is a numerical measure of the authority that a website is perceived to have by Google. Developed by Moz, it is meant as a means of determining how well a website is likely to rank in search engines. It is one of the... Continue reading →

What Is Native Advertising And Do You Use It Effectively?

According to a recent study undertaken by Copyblogger, only 3% of their readers have a strong understanding of native advertising. Considering how effective sponsored posts, Tweets, and other paid content can be, this figure is especially low. It is possible that many people use native advertising without really understanding that that’s what they are doing.... Continue reading →