Guide To Mobile Optimisation In 2015

Mobile marketing is no longer a luxury. The proliferation of mobile devices that not only include smartphones and mobile handsets but also tablets, and even smartwatches, means that the savvy website owner will pay virtually as much attention to mobile traffic as to traffic from traditional desktop and laptop devices. What’s more, with the announcement... Continue reading →

Businesses To Increase Digital Marketing Budgets In 2015

Digital Marketing Becoming Increasingly Important To Business Research conducted by Gartner shows that firms are set to increase their digital marketing budgets by around 17% during 2015, as they look to benefit from mobile marketing, native advertising, and other forms of online marketing. Currently, digital accounts for approximately one quarter of total marketing expenditure, but... Continue reading →

Facebook Buying WhatsApp For $19bn

Yahoo may be the company that has been hot on the acquisition trail lately, but Facebook has flexed its financial buying muscle with the purchase of messaging app WhatsApp for a staggering $19bn. It represents the largest purchase made by the social giant so far, surpassing the $1bn they spent on Instagram in 2012 and... Continue reading →