Businesses To Increase Digital Marketing Budgets In 2015

Digital Marketing Becoming Increasingly Important To Business Research conducted by Gartner shows that firms are set to increase their digital marketing budgets by around 17% during 2015, as they look to benefit from mobile marketing, native advertising, and other forms of online marketing. Currently, digital accounts for approximately one quarter of total marketing expenditure, but... Continue reading →

How Important Is Content Marketing To B2B Marketing?

Research by Starfleet Media and Integrated Marketing Summit has revealed some interesting statistics and figures regarding the way that B2B organisations budget for, and perform, content marketing in relation to their overall marketing efforts. As a data lover, I should point out that the survey was conducted on a fairly limited number of organisations (just... Continue reading →

A Guide To Native Advertising [Slideshow]

Native advertising is one of the biggest Internet marketing related buzzwords online. There are those that decry it as being evil, but there are many that are praising its benefits, and especially the massive amount of exposure that it can give a brand, a product, a person, a website, or a business. As well as... Continue reading →

Are There Any Native Ad Marketplaces?

A native ad marketplace is a site or service that doesn’t directly publish your content on their own site, but that has a portfolio or network of websites that they work with. They work in a similar way to a media buyer, used by a company to find the best TV, radio, or paper and... Continue reading →

A Guide To Native Advertising

If you’re completely new to native advertising, you may want to view our basic native advertising guide slideshow first. What Is Native Advertising? Native advertising has been around for many years, but the advance of social media platforms, blogs, and other media platforms has seen more and more businesses embark on native ad campaigns. Many... Continue reading →

What Is Native Advertising And Do You Use It Effectively?

According to a recent study undertaken by Copyblogger, only 3% of their readers have a strong understanding of native advertising. Considering how effective sponsored posts, Tweets, and other paid content can be, this figure is especially low. It is possible that many people use native advertising without really understanding that that’s what they are doing.... Continue reading →