Americans Hate Facebook

It may have more than a billion members around the world, and many people may struggle to survive without its use, but according to the latest American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI), Facebook is the most hated of all social media sites; social media itself ranks as the fourth most hated of all industries. The respective... Continue reading →

Advertisers Shouldn’t Ignore Google+ And Twitter

Google+ has struggled to ignite the efforts of marketers since its launch, but several recent studies would indicate that avoiding it altogether is the wrong approach. Three separate reports show that while advertisers are concentrating their efforts on Facebook, Google+ ads have better click through rates, and Google+ visitors spend more time on the site... Continue reading →

How Much Is Stampylonghead Making On YouTube?

For those that don’t know (or don’t have kids), Stampylonghead is the YouTube name for a former barman that creates videos of himself playing console games. That, in itself, doesn’t sound too incredible – what is quite incredible is that Stampy managed to earn enough through the YouTube monetisation programme that he could leave his... Continue reading →